Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal

Volume 4 - Issue 1 (2) | PP: 10 - 16 Language : English

Dietary Benefits of MIX OIL® When Used as Feed Enhancer

Ismail M. Malkawi ,
Farah R. Al Qudsi ,
Emilio Cherchiari
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
1/1/2023 22/1/2023 7/2/2023 12/2/2023
Chickens’ body weight is essential and reflects the overall health status of the flock, this study aims to investigate the effect of Mix Oil when used as prophylactic in feed on performance, body weight and feed conversion ratio. Trials were performed to test the effect of mix oil as feed additive; groups were assigned based on the diets and addition of mix oil, body weights and FCR values were compared between the groups. The addition of mix oil occasionally increased the body weight, average body weights were close, however, the feed conversion ratio was less than the control group. Based on the data and previous studies, the combination of essential oils of which the MIX OIL is composed from enhancing the body to utilize less feed to achieve an approximate body weight of the control.

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