International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies

Volume 1 - Issue 3 (4) | PP: 153 - 168 Language : العربية

The crime of assault on Palestinian policemen

Abdulrahman Ali Ibrahim Ghunaim
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14/11/2020 13/12/2020 23/12/2020 3/2/2021
During the performance of their duties and the tasks entrusted to them, police personnel are exposed to assault by some of the outlaws, and the assault occurs in several forms, including beating by attack or resistance, or by using force or threatening it, or by obstructing and delaying police officers from performing their duties, and the search problem crystallizes through questioning The main thing is: What are the crimes committed against Palestinian police personnel, and this research is of great importance because police officers while carrying out their duties and performing the tasks entrusted to them are exposed to many dangers and difficulties that may cause them material and physical harm, in addition to the attacks that they may be exposed to Some individuals may refer to it from some individuals, which may sometimes lead to permanent impairments for police officers, and the study concluded that the crime of assault occurs against Palestinian police personnel, who are non-commissioned officers and individuals of both sexes, and that the crime of assaulting police officers is an intentional crime that is carried out using Force or violence, which requires the existence of the elements of the crime, including: the supposed element, which is the character of the victim, so he must be a public servant, and the material element is not Represented in the use of force, threat or violence in order to prevent the police element from carrying out his work, while the moral element is expressed with the criminal intent through the will of the perpetrator to attack with his knowledge of the victim's status, and the study recommends the need for the Palestinian legislator to include other crimes that may happen to the police, such as the crime of insult And not only the crime of assault.

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