The exclusive focus of the Uncertainty is the publication of excellent reviews, consistent research papers, and concise communications in all branches of Uncertainty and their applications on the real life. Uncertainty also publishes timely and comprehensive review articles on new theoretical developments, original concepts, and innovative mathematical tools in a variety of mathematical and uncertainty fields. A submission ought to be well-written and appealing to a sizable number of scientists and mathematicians.

Our goal is to persuade scientists to publish their theoretical and experimental findings in as much detail as they can. The length of the papers is unconstrained. For the results to be replicated, a complete summary of the research must be given.


· Theory and application of fuzzy sets

· Theory and application of Intuitionistic set

· Theory and application of Interval set

· Theory and application of Rough set

· Theory and application of Neutrosophic set

· Theory and application of Shadow set

· Theory and application of Possibility theory

· Theory and application of Fuzzy rule-based systems

· Combine fuzzy concepts with other scientific disciplines as well as modern technologies

· Connection Uncertainty with category theory, topology, algebra, analysis, statistical methods, etc

· Bridging the gap between the flexibility of human representations and the precision and clarity of mathematical or computerized representations, be they numerical or symbolic

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