Cooperation Agreement between Rafaad for Studies and Research and An-Najah University- Burau.

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Source: Refaad
Date: 27/12/2023

In a step that reflects our ongoing commitment to enhancing scientific research, Rafaad for Studies and Research signed a memorandum of understanding with An-Najah National University- Burau, represented by its president, His Excellency (Prof. Dr. Hassan Sheikh Ali). The memorandum aims to formalize and strengthen collaboration between the two parties in the field of publishing scientific studies and research.

An-Najah University is considered an educational institution established to be a hub for the graduation of scientists, thinkers, reformers, and developers, as well as a platform for disseminating creed, values, virtuous ethics, and a center for scientific and intellectual radiation in the African century.

The agreement aims to provide a common scientific and practical framework, allowing researchers at An-Najah University broader opportunities in various fields of scientific publishing. This step is part of Rafad's strategy to enhance collaboration with scientific and research institutions worldwide, and we look forward to shared successes in this important context. It also aims to promote scientific exchange, encourage research and development in multiple fields, and provide an opportunity for researchers and academics to publish their research and contribute to enriching scientific knowledge.

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