Myiasis in Free-Ranging Hedgehog (Etelerix algirus) Caused by Lucilia sericata

Volume 1, Issue 2, Article 8 - 2020

Authors: Abdulhakim A. EL Maghrbi

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Lucilia sericata is an external parasite found on the animal body and cause myiasis. A case of myiasis in a hedgehog (Etelerix algirus) with many active maggots in an inflamed and bad odour wound located on upper part of neck behind the ears is described in this report. Larval stages taken from the wound were cleared and fixed. Morphological investigation revealed that the larvae were Lucilia sericata, from subfamily Calliphorinae and family Calliphoridae. To our knowledge this is a first record of myiasis in a hedgehog in Libya.

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EL Maghrbi. A. Myiasis in free-ranging hedgehog (Etelerix algirus) caused by Lucilia sericata. Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal 1(2); 2020:72-74