Influence of Gender on investment decisions of Investors in Sultanate of Oman

Volume 7, Issue 2, Article 7 - 2019

Authors: Kavita Chavali;Shireen Rosario

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The purpose of the study is to explore the impact of gender differences on investment decisions in Sultanate of Oman. A questionnaire was prepared and administered which included psychological factors, economic factors, corporate governance and ethical issues and decision making process. Responses are collected on a 5 point Likert scale. Factor Analysis was conducted and found that there is a significant differences between male and female respondents in psychological factors, economic factors and decision making process. The results extracted has briefly concluded that female are conservative and analyse things based on past performance whereas male are confident about themselves and explore new investments. As per the findings of this study male focused only on the profitability, whereas female examined the growth and reputation of the company. Male investors feel that increasing income level of an individual persuade to invest more which is not observed in female investors. Male feel more market experience is what is required to make a good choice of investment unlike female.

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Kavita Chavali;Shireen Rosario (2019) Influence of Gender on investment decisions of Investors in Sultanate of Oman
Global Journal of Economics and Business Vol 7 (2) 234-242