Total quality management in the insurance sector

Volume 10, Issue 1, Article 13 - 2021

Authors: Tahani Salem Alali

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Employees were doing business in competitive and dynamic conditions to improve and enhance their business performance and capabilities continually. One of the critical determinants of the company's survival in such circumstances is total quality administration. In recent years, the company administration is more focused on comprehensive quality management, which leads to maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The aim of this study is focused on examining. The attitudes of corporate clients on various elements implemented the TQM process, provided by the bank. a sample of workers and employees, by presenting a questionnaire the hands of the competent authorities in line with the aim of the study, but study into practice Designing a list of surveys that included a set of questions. All the questionnaires were distributed (judged according to Likert's model) among a group of insurance companies. were obtained using the survey method and statistical analysis, such as correlation and multiple regression analysis for the study. The research points out that top management commitment, courtesy, and responsibility towards our customers are significant satisfaction factors. Study results help bank managers identify quality elements that need improvement to increase customer satisfaction and enhance their business.

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