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We are very excited to inform that we have recently changed our name from Science Reflection Logo ScienceReflection to -Refaad Main LogoRefaad. There has been no change in management or nature of our mission, and we will be publication services on which we have built our reputation in the research community. Thank you for being one of our valued readers and contributors. We at Refaad, are excited to continue working and serving you in any way possible.

General Letters in Mathematics (GLM)

General Letters in Mathematics (GLM)
ISSN 2519-9277 (Online)
ISSN 2519-9269 (Print)
Frequency: Bimonthly
Cheif-Editor: Dr. Osama Ababneh
Language: English

General Letters in Mathematics is an academic journal published by Refaad.The aim of General Letters in Mathematics (GLM) is to provide fast publication of refereed, high quality original research papers in all areas of Mathematics.

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Global Journal of Economics & Business (GJEB)

Global Journal of economic & Business (GJEB)
ISSN 2519-9293 (Online)
ISSN 2519-9285 (Print)
Frequency: Bimonthly
Cheif-Editor: Dr. Omar Ababneh
Language: English

Global Journal of Economics and Business is an academic journal published by Refaad. The aim is to promote contemporary research that contributes to theorists and practitioners knowledge about the international business and economics domain.

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International Journal of Educational Psychological Studies (EPS)

International Journal of Educational Psychological Studies (EPS)

ISSN 2520-4149 (Online)
ISSN 2520-4130 (Print)
Frequency: Bimonthly
Language : Arabic

The International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies (EPS) is an indexed periodical journal published by Refaad for Studies and Research.
EPS journal aims at disseminating educational and psychological knowledge that spans various international branches and specialties in the fields of education and psychology. Moreover, it aims at advancing the movement of scientific research by providing an opportunity for researchers to publish their quality research with emphasis on novelty and excellence. EPS pride itself by adopting and capturing the latest contributions in the fields of education and psychology and by encouraging the original studies, in terms of originality of thought, clarity of methodology, accuracy of documentation and relevance to reality.

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Launch a New Journal

You are welcome to submit your new journal proposal to refaad. If you wish to launch a new journal, you could refer to the following information.

Process of Launching a New Journal

  • A journal proposal form should be completed and submitted to refaad.
  • The journal proposal form will be evaluated and reviewed by refaad within a month.
  • The new journal will be published on the website if the journal proposal form is approved by refaad.
  • The Editor-in-Chief will start the journal dissemination and paper collection when the journal is published online. Please click here to download the journal proposal form and send messages together with your CV to the email editoroffice@refaad.com

Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief

  • The Editor-in-Chief should organize a review team to do the review work if there are manuscripts submitted to the journal
  • The Editor-in-Chief should post new hot topics about his/her proposed journal and invite authors to submit manuscripts
  • The Editor-in-Chief should make decisions on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts
  • The Editor-in-Chief should cross-check the manuscripts and ensure their quality.

Benefits of the Editor-in-Chief

  • The Editor-in-Chief could get the latest information of refaad.
  • The Editor-in-Chief could cooperate with a group of experienced researchers from all over the world.
  • The Editor-in-Chief could get a certificate provided by refaad.
  • The Editor-in-Chief could have his/her name and personal webpage displayed on the journal website as the founder of the journal.
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